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InterCheck Business Portal

Our Business Portal enables many common activities

  • Inviting applicants to do a check
  • Review progress of checks
  • and much more...

However, as the number of checks performed by a business grows, integration can streamline these activities.

Why Integrate?

  • Improve efficiency and accuracy by pre populating checks with data from your own systems
  • Create invitations directly from your own systems
  • Improve monitoring by directly updating your own systems with status notifications (via "Web Hooks")

Integration Solutions

This table shows a side-by-side comparison between the available integration options

API/WebHooks Website Integration HR Systems
Purpose Enable customised 2-way communication between your servers and InterCheck systems Allow applicants to commence (self-serve) a check directly from your secure website or intranet Integrate InterCheck into your HR Systems
Suitability Medium-Large business, 25+ (?) checks / month

Any size business with a secure website (or intranet) used by applicants.

We generally recommend against putting these links on publicly accessible websites.

Any size business with a supported HR System
  • JobAdder
Technology Involved
  • Web Hooks
A static web URL with a uniquely generated code (token) for your business These have been pre-built by InterCheck.
  • Initiate checks from your systems without needing to login to InterCheck business portal.
  • Pre-populate (some) applicant data with information from your systems, to reduce re-typing and errors.
  • Use WebHooks to automatically notify/update your systems when a check changes status
  • An applicant can directly commence a check via the link without needing an invitation email. The checks are automatically linked to your business
  • Support for both pre-paid (by business) and pass-pay (by applicant) checks available
  • An optional approval step can be added where all checks must be approved in Business Portal before being processed. This is recommended for pre-paid (by business) checks (in case link is shared with unauthorised applicants).
  • NOTE: The only configuration data that can be provided via a smart link is an optional employee ID. All other data must be keyed by the applicant.
  • Initiate invite checks from the HR system directly
  • Pre-populate checks with data from HT system
  • Track status of checks directly from the HR system

You will require developers who can build software to utilise our REST APIs.

For WebHooks, you will need to register your own servers on the internet to receive notifications, or utilise a 3rd party service that supports WebHooks.

Web user or developer who can add a button/link with a URL to your website You require an existing subscription to the HR System
Next Steps

See API Getting Started for an introduction.

Refer to the API Reference for a detailed explanation of the API calls.

Contact Support to configure WebHooks or to discuss your project.

Use the InterCheck business portal to generate the unique web URL for your business. Contact Support to enable JobAdder integration.

API Getting Started

Get started with our REST APIs and WebHook solution.

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API Reference

Learn how to effectively use and integrate with the API using our comprehensive product documentation.

API Reference


Ask technical questions about developing with the InterCheck API and receive the support needed.

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